The development of the Jalboot high-speed ferry is the result of a long process –Jalboot is itself an operator as well as manufacturer and therefore understands all aspects required for its operation as a ferry, shuttle, or tender. From the beginning, the entire development of the models was shaped by the German design office, iYacht. In addition to the design, all of the technical solutions were developed and supported by the German engineers.

The Jalboot was developed to address the demands of various applications: propulsion concept, reach, equipment, and possible seating to the respective needs is tailored. Since it is a multi-hull it is particularly flexible, sea-worthy, and if needed, fast. The GRP-construction is high-strength and maintenance-free, is protected against corrosion and other environmental influences. Depending on the selected motorization or special use (for example, as a crane able tender), the structure is optimized without a noticeable increase in weight.

Shipyard: JALBOOT

iYacht: Design, Engineering & Interior

Material: GRP

Length: 16 M

Beam: 6 M

Draft: 0,85 M