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The owner and iYacht are jointly developing the new Explorer 54.
Our firm was selected as the preferred partner due to our integrated design and engineering process, as well as out capacity to develop the project within three months.
Through an intensive design process, the yacht was developed from scratch, the experience of the owner was consistently implemented and interpreted with a fresh design approach.

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Length: 16,5 M | Beam: 5,12 M | Draft: 1,54 - 3,20 M

POLAR 55 is afloat for her first time.All systems have been extensively tested in the shipyard, the mast has been placed on deck and all rigging adjusted.The review of the hydraulic keel as well as an extensive systems checkup were a a major issue:
how will the keel perform under load and are all the safety setups set correctly? After the first day under sail, everything checked out and the shipyard had done a perfect job : everything fits!

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Polar 55

Length: 16.54 M | Beam: 4.68 M | Draft: 3.40 M

iYacht was tasked with re-engineering Marlin 33´s structural parts and optimizing the various onboard systems. iYacht's support was vital in transforming the ideas and initial concepts into a production-ready design.

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Length: 10,14 M | Beam: 7,78 M | Draft: 0,46 M

A catamaran with a strong focus on sustainability. At iYacht,we have designed and engineered this 55ft catamaran, featuring a reliable hybrid propulsion system and a hull made from recycled aluminum. Currently under construction.

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Length: 17,06 M | Beam: 8,65 M | Draft: 1,25 M

iYacht was responsible for the design and engineering of the P-Cat Freedom 55. This custom one-off construction is just one of the many multihull projects led by iYacht.

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Length: 17,06 M | Beam: 8,66 M | Draft: 1,26 M

One of the largest sailing catamarans currently under construction. This custom 100' aluminum catamaran boasts several unique features, including an expansive fly bridge and upper deck that offer beautiful observation points, along with a distinctive bowsprit. iYacht was responsible for the design & engineering of this multihull.

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Length: 32,75 M | Beam: 14,21 M | Draft: 2,5 M

Benchmark at performance catamarans : Design and Engineering, Support whilst mold and prototype construction, Exterior Design and Engineering, in Co-operation with Henn Design for Interior and Project Consulting.

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Length: 14,95 M | Beam: 7,68 M | Draft: 1,10 - 2,20 M

iYacht GmbH has been tasked with and successfully completed the conversion of design concepts into production-ready vessels.



Length: 15.18 M | Beam: 7.98 M | Draft: 1.25 M

The Nordic Folkboat is very high quality classic yacht. Developed in 1942, Folkboat is still highly popular and highly valued, as demonstrated by their high resale value. The Folkboat is manufactured with the highest quality in mind, and more than 900 units has been built with glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass).

The design is famous and unique: a boat with classic lines and a long keel. Polar Shipyard produces the Folkboat in serial production and all spare parts are sold through the Central Hamburg GmbH. These parts are exclusively produced by Polar Shipyard, re-engineered together with iYacht GmbH.


IF Boat

Length: 7,64 M | Beam: 2,25 M | Draft: 1,21 M

Engineering and technical solutions have been implemented to create an outstanding Day sailor. Only 9 m in length, this day sailor is trailable, yet it offers a spacious cockpit comparable in size to that of a 45-footer.


Sailormade 30

Length: 9.32 M | Beam: 2.80 M | Draft: 1.91 M