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Nothing but passion - in the design team as well as at the shipyard - are the basis for the new eLEX 790. The combination of design and economy, balanced handling and functionality is quite special and Lex boats as a newcomer is ahead some of the industry leaders obviously..... Well done Lex Family!

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eLEX 790

Length: 7,90 m | Beam: 2,52 m | Draft: 0,60 m

eLEX 610 is a compact electric boat meets elevated expectations. Featuring seating for five and a sunbed at the stern, it's perfect for daily outings or as a hub for spontaneous trips or weekend getaways. The eLEX610 is a marvel of modern motorboat technology, seamlessly blending contemporary innovation with the elegant yacht designs of the early 20th century.

eLEX 610

Length: 6,10 M | Beam: 2,42 M | Draft: 0,36 M

The development of the eLEX 650 motorboat by Lex Boats in Austria, with design and engineering provided by iYacht, represents a collaboration aimed at creating a cutting-edge watercraft where this is already the third vessel in a row which iYacht developed for them.
After the project likely began with brainstorming sessions between Lex Boats and iYacht to define the core concept of the eLEX 650 we entered the design phase. We had the lead in translating the conceptual ideas into tangible design plans.

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eLEX 650

Length: 6,5 M | Beam: 2,3 M | Draft: 0,4 & 0,55 M

The new Sportfisher 20 is a versatile fishing and fun machine made with the best features to make the most of days spent casting or cruising.

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Length: 19,82 M | Beam: 6,10 M | Draft: 0,86 M

Sport fishing 37 has been developed as a modular concept providing all opportunities for a production boat concept. iYacht delivered design and engineering at a conceptional level for the setup of the serial production.

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Length: 11,15 M | Beam: 3,39 M | Draft: 0,54 M

iYacht has developed a new 34ft sport cruiser boat featuring two deck molds: a cuddly cabin and walk-around version, both integrated into one hull with shared components for efficient production. The boat showcases numerous surprising details.

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ASM 34

Length: 10,21 M | Beam: 3,51 M | Draft: 0,54 M

The collaboration between MOBOX and iYacht resulted in the development of a pioneering boat renting concept of Motorboats in Switzerland. iYacht has been introduced by Holger Henn and contributed its expertise in engineering to bring the concept to life, ensuring the boat was designed and built to the highest standards of quality and functionality.
Together, they created a seamless and innovative experience for customers looking to enjoy Switzerland's waterways. iYacht delivered the design and engineering of the aluminum hull, the GRP-deck and the CE certification.



LENGHT: 7,06M | BEAM: 2,15M | DRAFT: 0,71M

The Insider Yachts 870 is a high-class runabout. Classic hull lines wearing an elegant black dress, luxurious interiors and curated details.Timeless wooden teak and modern carbon fiber blend together to create this beauty that made its debut at the Boot Düsseldorf in 2017. This exceptional runabout it's a superb choice for use as a super yacht tender.

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Length: 8,49 M | Beam: 2,43 M | Draft: 0,90 M

The WEIHAI 580 represents a groundbreaking new boat design in her class. It seamlessly blends modern innovation with timeless craftsmanship. This vessel is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of both leisure and professional maritime pursuits, offering a versatile and high-performance solution for a variety of activities on the water.

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Length: 5,79 M | Beam: 2,43 M | Draft: 0,44 M

Craftland 26 is an SUV afloat, optimized for serial boat building, providing ample opportunities to customize with various equipment. Designed to withstand rough conditions, it offers reliability and versatility on the water.

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Craftland 26

Length: 8,55 M | Beam: 2,55 M | Draft: 0,45 M