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18 houseboats at a fully integrated jetty system and reception boat

Lankenauer Höft

Length: 16 M | Beam: 5 M | Draft: 5 M

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Hausboat P60

Length: 18 M | Beam: 6 M | Draft: 1,2 M

A little drought and well balanced cruising were the major requirements as well as a detailed layout from the yard. As a result you see a well detailed and compact house boat that surprises you.

Deutsche Composite

Length: 11,9 M | Beam: 4,2-4,8 M | Draft: 0,5 M

This house boat made from composites has been designed for long time stay on the water with a sustainable energy concept and a two-story layout. A roof terrace is included as well.

Muethos Houseboats

Length: 14,9 M | Beam: 5,5 M | Draft: 0,6 M

Worldwide first modular houseboat concept that allows authentic and 365-days living on water with length from 12 to 22 m. The Vilaboat provides up to 100 m² living space with impressive ceiling heights up to 2.5 meters, that transform the otherwise typical houseboat cabin to lavish, spacious salons.


Length: 12-22 M | Beam: 5,00 M | Draft: 0,35 M

Houseboat or yacht? Maybe even more!

Novaboat 56

Length: 17,1 M | Beam: 5,5 M | Draft: 0,95 M

The little sister of the 56 - the compact houseboat yacht

Novaboat 49B

Length: 15 M | Beam: 5 M | Draft: 1 M

A modular house boat concept which is only able to dive with a separate unit, additionally a floating terrace is available, all based on a platform with a new technology of material.

B15 Modular

Length: 11,99 mm | Beam: 5,00 mm | Draft: 0,30 mm

Coming soon


Length: 8,00 M | Beam: 2,45 M | Draft: 0,25 M