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With a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in houseboats and floating facilities, iYacht GmbH played a key role in the realization of the entire Lankenauer Höft project in Bremen: the first houseboat facility in the Hanseatic city. We designed and engineered 18 houseboats, an integrated jetty system and a reception boat.


Lankenauer Höft

Length: 16 M | Beam: 5 M | Draft: 5 M

iYacht has designed and engineered this Split-level houseboat for year-round living on the water with two bedrooms. Developed and engineered on behalf of a German shipyard to be build in Aluminum, possible propulsion are outboard engines with gasoline or electric power supply.


Houseboat P60

Length: 18 M | Beam: 6 M | Draft: 1,2 M

A low drought and well balanced cruising were the major requirements as well as a detailed layout from the yard. As a result you see a well detailed and compact house boat that surprises you.


Deutsche Composite

Length: 11,9 M | Beam: 4,2-4,8 M | Draft: 0,5 M

At iYacht, we designed and engineered Novaboot’s NOVA56, which are proudly crafted in Germany, and can now be rightfully labeled as designed, engineered and made in Germany.
Raoul Amon, the CEO of Novaboot, prefers to call his boats living boats rather than mere houseboats.
This definition becomes immediately apparent when stepping onboard: meticulously planned and executed, down to the last detail. Novaboot incorporates new technology and materials for both systems and fittings.
And of course, no compromises in terms of comfort, which is the paramount feature for a living boat.


Novaboat 56

Length: 17,1 M | Beam: 5,5 M | Draft: 0,95 M

After developing the first model of the brand, the NOVA 42, Raoul Amon approached iYacht GmbH with a vision for a new living boat intended to raise the bar furthermore, building upon the insight gained from the NOVA 42. Udo Hafner, CEO of iYacht, was asked to create a symbiosis of a yacht and a house.

Many clients come to us because they have a very clear idea of their project but have not yet found a partner able to provide them with the right solutions. Raoul had a clearly defined goal that we were able to meet: this is how the production-ready NOVA 49 was created.


Novaboat 49B

Length: 15 M | Beam: 5 M | Draft: 1 M

This house boat made from composites has been designed for long time stay on the water with a sustainable energy concept and a two-story layout. A roof terrace is included as well.


Muethos Houseboats

Length: 14,9 M | Beam: 5,5 M | Draft: 0,6 M

Worldwide first modular houseboat concept that allows authentic and 365-days living on water with length from 12 to 22 m. The Vilaboat provides up to 100 m² living space with impressive ceiling heights up to 2.5 meters, that transform the otherwise typical houseboat cabin to lavish, spacious salons.



Length: 12-22 M | Beam: 5,00 M | Draft: 0,35 M

A modular house boat concept which is only able to dive with a separate unit, additionally a floating terrace is available, all based on a platform with a new technology of material.


B15 Modular

Length: 11,99 mm | Beam: 5,00 mm | Draft: 0,30 mm

The combination of a caravan and motorized houseboat in one vehicle, offering multiple opportunities for use both ashore and on the water. It’s the perfect solution for people who treasure their freedom and independence and strive to maintain a variety of options while traveling.



Length: 8,00 M | Beam: 2,45 M | Draft: 0,25 M