GT 52

The Jalboot Gran Turismo 52 is a vessel conceived for a specific purpose. The design brief was clear: guests of the resort should reach their destination safely and comfortably aboard the GT52. The clients of the resort chose this holiday destination to savor a relaxing stay in paradise, and it is therefore crucial to evoke this sensation from the very beginning of their holiday: the moment they step on board the Gran Turismo 52 to reach the resort.


iYacht designed and engineered this 52-foot vessel with a focus on good, pleasing design, and, above all, strict adherence to safety standards. Onboard easy access is ensured by sturdy handholds on both sides (port and starboard) at the stern and also at the bow. Passengers are seated comfortably inside the boat, under a roof fitted with solar panels. The reverse windshield is suitable for all sea and wind conditions, providing exceptional visibility for easier maneuvering when docking.

iYacht: Design & Engineering

Material: GRP

Length: 16,69 M

Beam: 4,88 M

Draft: 0,88 M