Through an intensive design process, the yacht was developed from the proverbial ´´blank sheet´´, while the experience of the owner was consistently implemented and interpreted with a fresh design approach. The high degree of attention to detail in the early design phases enables those involved to think about specific solutions that are also relevant for the construction of the yacht and later for its use.

The interior design was designed in parallel with the engineering, always in close cooperation with the owner. Result: a special yacht that combines safety, performance, design and practicality in a very unique way, setting new standards. It is a sustainable package for the operation by a twin electric Propulsion setup and large solar panels, as well as with its aluminum structure and selected material combinations of  interior.

Shipyard: in Netherlands

iYacht: Design & Engineering

Material: Aluminium

Length: 16,5 M

Beam: 5,12 M

Draft: 1,54 - 3,20 M