eLEX 650

The development of the eLEX 650 motorboat by Lex Boats in Austria, with design and engineering provided by iYacht, represents a collaboration aimed at creating a cutting-edge watercraft where this is already the third vessel in a row which iYacht developed for them. After the project likely began with brainstorming sessions between Lex Boats and iYacht to define the core concept of the eLEX 650 we entered the design phase. We had the lead in translating the conceptual ideas into tangible design plans. This involved creating detailed drawings, 3D models, and possibly even virtual simulations to refine the boat’s layout, structure, and features.

By the way, LEX took the chance to sue this data in a brilliant way to expose the product on their website. iYacht’s contribution to the project included designing the deck layout, which encompasses the arrangement of various onboard amenities, such as seating areas, storage compartments, and the integration of side wings. Throughout the development process, effective communication and collaboration between Lex Boats and iYacht has been crucial to ensure that the final product met the desired standards of performance, quality, and innovation of the brand.

Shipyard: Lex Boote KG

iYacht: Design & Engineering

Material: GFK

Length: 6,5 M

Beam: 2,3 M

Draft: 0,4 & 0,55 M