iYacht GmbH designed, developed, and engineered this 23ft compact boat for Christo Mare. The choice to conceal the outboard engine, up to 200 hp, preserves the retro-classic design and feel of the boat. The double-sided bench in the center of the boat can be used as storage space or offers space for the optional cooling drawer or individual extension solutions.

The bow seating area offers further space for three people, and the boat is approved for a total of six people in category C or eight in category D. A concealed anchor solution can be installed in the foredeck, which is accessible from the bench for maintenance and inspection. Several units have been developed with electric propulsion; one has even been sent to the UAE.

iYacht: Design & Engineering

Material: GRP

Length: 7,01 m

Beam: 2,53 m

Draft: 0,00 m