iYacht's Story

the one-stop yacht design & engineering studio

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Welcome to iYacht, a one-stop yacht design and engineering studio specializing in a wide range of boat types.


At the core of our identity lies precision and efficiency, reflecting our German DNA, which enables us to deliver on time and within budget.


At iYacht, our goal is to be your long-term partner, mirroring the successful relationships we’ve cultivated with our past clients.


Our story began two decades ago when Udo Hafner, driven by his passion for the open water along with a spirit of innovation, founded iYacht. Born and raised on the picturesque lakes of Austria, Udo’s love for aquatic environments and his engineering background were the perfect blend to tackle the challenging world of yachting. After studying Mechanical Engineering, he eventually moved to Hamburg to study Naval Architecture and there founded iYacht GmbH.


Embodying a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Udo established his first company at the young age of 22. He swiftly recognized the importance of being a reliable partner, delivering on time, and providing top-notch services, and this led to the organic growth of the business through word of mouth.


Fast forward 20 years and more than 400 successful projects delivered, iYacht now operates from two offices, one in Hamburg and another in Kiel, boasting a dedicated team of 11 full-time members.


For us, yachting is a world with many possibilities for innovation, and we believe that even a team of twelve dedicated designers, engineers, and naval architects, when moved by passion, can do something truly groundbreaking.The name of our studio iYacht encompasses this vision: the first “i” stands for Innovation.

One of the promises of the studio is to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for yacht design and engineering, covering every aspect from the initial concept to the boat’s launch.


Our services encompass the entire spectrum, from the initial sketch, visualization, and CFD analysis to interior design, naval architecture, project engineering, tooling, production, and CE-conformity assessment.


To provide this wide array of services, we rely on the diverse skills and expertise of our in-house team. This approach not only guarantees impeccable service quality but also optimizes project management, ensuring your vision becomes a reality within the agreed timeline and budget.


We invite you to step behind the scenes of our two German offices and meet the passionate minds and skilled hands which will be your long time reliable partners.