Nordic Folk Boat

Nordic Folk Boat

Folkboat is very high quality classic yacht and if you like them, it is a MUST-HAVE in the sailing scene. It is very stable in value and is characterized by the quality details below. It has also a high resale value.

The Folkboat is manufactured with the highest quality in mind and has been built over 900 times with glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass).

The design is famous and unique – a boat with classic lines and a long keel, as it is even with the legendary 12-series.

Polar Shipyard produces the Folkboat in serial production and all spare parts are sold through the Central Hamburg GmbH.
These parts are exclusively produced by Polar Shipyard.

Re-engineered together with iYacht. 
Shipyard: Polar Shipyard
iYacht: Engineering
Material: GRP
Engine: kW
Length: 7.64 m
Width: 2.20 m
Draft: 1.20 m

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