Motor boats

Naval Architecture and Engineering, production files
Less weight with more performance and an outstanding design – a tender boat should be the same eye height as the yacht it belongs to.
eMobility is getting more important day by day. This boat could be an enthusiastic runabout as well as a beginner’s boat built with low cost which convinces with her design.
This design has been developed following the sketches of famous Roland Friedberger. iYacht does the engineering.
x-Tender is a new tender for megayachts. The concept units the advantages of an efficient, speed & swell optimised hull and much more.
Yes, she’s outrageous! iYacht has joined the team of Kiel Classic with an engineering service. Janik and Neumann did well!
iYacht delivers the design including production files for a new serial project built in UAE by ASM.
It is a SUV afloat, optimized for serial boat building, offering the possibilities to adopt plenty of equipment.
classic design with some hidden benefits
The Nordic cruiser developed by Danish Erik Andreasen has been re-engineered by iYacht for the serial production of Polar shipyard.
Indeed a revolutionary concept: Based on well proven army boats iYacht has designed a new modular boat concept.
Secare describes a cut which you might find on the boat several times. Premier has been held at Dusseldorf boat show 2010.
Secare 31 has been developed as a result of the response of the little sister’s premier. Her width of 2.99 m allows to trailer her.
Boat manufactury ‚Schaaf‘ based in Dresden at Elbe River builds that Tender with the same name. The exterior has been definied by our collegue Van Vossen Design.
Viper 303 has been designed following the strict advises of Europe Marine – nothing unexpected since they are dealing and building sport boats.
This wakeboard – boat unifies a perfect quality and plenty details. Currently still under development we wait for an extraordinary result built by a German manufacturer.
The Tornado-Series offers based on quite big range of length and several applications many possible ways of use.
Tug boats are multi-purpose working boats which are used by authorities or public services for a wide range of tasks.
Harro van Dalen runs a charter company in Netherlands and has asked for a new design of a small and strong rental boat from Aluminum which should look like a traditional Dutch
Vinet –Series is as the other small heavy-duty units a work boat which can fulfill plenty of needs for equipment, performance and their use.
Vinet 750 has been developed based on equal requirements as relevant for the Vinet 650.
Peter Linskens wanted to built an aluminium trailerboat with moderate planning speed that provides comfortable living space for a crew of two.
This yard built approximately 20,000 units up to know and starts its new flag ship – focusing on the high standard of quality as well as fresh ideas of iYacht.

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