54ft aluminum Explorer with lifting keel
#Baustelle: Neue Inhalte ab 01.01.2021 - schauen Sie wieder vorbei!
#Baustelle: Neue Inhalte ab 01.01.2021 - schauen Sie wieder vorbei!
18 houseboats at a fully integreated jetty system and reception boat 
The little sister of the 56b - the compact houseboat yacht
Houseboat or yacht? Maybe even more!
The new BAVARIA E34 is the next step in the evolution of the BAVARIA E‐Line and the concept is unique in her size. Covering a overal length of 10.3 metres, the BAVARIA E34 offers two fully‐fledged twin cabins, two bathrooms and a large saloon with a unique 360 degree panoramic view. In the centre of the saloon is the central helm stand from which one does not only have a perfect overview of the yacht but is also in the centre of the action. In front of the helm stand is the large pantry and the long saloon table for that cozy dinner at night.
Naval Architecture and Engineering, production files
The award-nominated design of SILENT 55 has been designed and engineered by iYacht.
Less weight with more performance and an outstanding design – a tender boat should be the same eye height as the yacht it belongs to.
eMobility is getting more important day by day. This boat could be an enthusiastic runabout as well as a beginner’s boat built with low cost which convinces with her design.
This design has been developed following the sketches of famous Roland Friedberger. iYacht does the engineering.
x-Tender is a new tender for megayachts. The concept units the advantages of an efficient, speed & swell optimised hull and much more.
Yes, she’s outrageous! iYacht has joined the team of Kiel Classic with an engineering service. Janik and Neumann did well!
iYacht delivers the design including production files for a new serial project built in UAE by ASM.
It is a SUV afloat, optimized for serial boat building, offering the possibilities to adopt plenty of equipment.
classic design with some hidden benefits
The Nordic cruiser developed by Danish Erik Andreasen has been re-engineered by iYacht for the serial production of Polar shipyard.
Indeed a revolutionary concept: Based on well proven army boats iYacht has designed a new modular boat concept.
Secare describes a cut which you might find on the boat several times. Premier has been held at Dusseldorf boat show 2010.
Secare 31 has been developed as a result of the response of the little sister’s premier. Her width of 2.99 m allows to trailer her.
Boat manufactury ‚Schaaf‘ based in Dresden at Elbe River builds that Tender with the same name. The exterior has been definied by our collegue Van Vossen Design.
Viper 303 has been designed following the strict advises of Europe Marine – nothing unexpected since they are dealing and building sport boats.
This wakeboard – boat unifies a perfect quality and plenty details. Currently still under development we wait for an extraordinary result built by a German manufacturer.
The Tornado-Series offers based on quite big range of length and several applications many possible ways of use.
Tug boats are multi-purpose working boats which are used by authorities or public services for a wide range of tasks.
Harro van Dalen runs a charter company in Netherlands and has asked for a new design of a small and strong rental boat from Aluminum which should look like a traditional Dutch
Vinet –Series is as the other small heavy-duty units a work boat which can fulfill plenty of needs for equipment, performance and their use.
Vinet 750 has been developed based on equal requirements as relevant for the Vinet 650.
Peter Linskens wanted to built an aluminium trailerboat with moderate planning speed that provides comfortable living space for a crew of two.
New project in new facilities: Re-Design of Exterior and new Interior...
A luxury Tender with 12 m length.
It took two designers to work on that boat - Frank and Udo together developed this special motor yacht according a client's request.
Carianda 72 offers the typical design of the yard together with the comfort and safety of a seagoing trawler yacht.
NAVOS47 derives from the Latin word for “performance with energy,” and that’s also how the design of this unconventional boat was implemented.
The new charter concept - more space and more comfort available at 12 meters only.
Cathugo i54PC by Krake describes a new generation of a modern catamaran design linked to a well balanced comfort in living on board.
iYacht completes the exterior drawn by VanVossen with an interior concept for this one-off made from aluminum.
A proof of performance and an extraordinary design have come together at Mercator 88, four IPS drives are installed for speed, the design and layout surprises with details full of emotions.
The Nyx-design has been developed together with Nick Brown which was the first one of her class. Her Tri-hull with extraordinary width offers a lot of usable space.
The Schlei (Germany) based manufactury has given her proof being masters with this flag ship with a couple of months, within one year the open version has been built.
The smallest out of the Carianda-Range with a length of 14.99 m is a typical long range cruiser with two cabins and bathrooms.
Nyx is the goddess of the night, Nyx is something special: With this hull which is absolutely new, she is more emotional than anything else.
Carianda 55 has been the first yacht design by iYacht for Marina Deniz in Istanbul, Turkey. Following her design the Carianda series has started her successful way.
A very low bridge clearance height, optimized for long stays on board iYacht has defined a trawler different.
Carianda 62 has been nominated for the European Boat of the year – Award 2010. An honor and proof for us and the yard.
iYacht has designed a trawler with a new exterior and interior style. The roomy layout surprises with many more details.
iYacht completes the exterior drawn by VanVossen with an interior concept for this one-off made from steel.
With less than 12 m length this boat offers a lot of space on and below the deck, iYacht provides the interior concept.
Implementation of a draft for the construction to place the boat for advertising by a Dutch based charter company.
A typical traditional design from/for the Netherlands with plenty of space below the deck for the owners.
The German based manufactory is well known for their valuable interior works as well as proven special solutions on board - as seen at this steel trawler. So it does not has to be an off-the-shelf boat for the owner.
A design with a low bridge clearance height, a tender on board, sea worthiness and a hybrid – quite a long list of client wishes...
Engineering and technical solution for an outstanding Daysailor – only 9 m in length, possible to trailer with a cockpit same sized as a 45-footer.
The layout of the salon as well as the exterior helm have been the major reasons for the client to ask for a new design, since he could not find anything comparable.
A multi-purpose service vessel which has been designed along the requirements given by studies about safety at sea...
Something special from the special: a new RIB for Stormer Marine (NL).
Multi-Purpose small patrol craft made from GRP following the requirements of a tender of the government of the Near East.
Stormer Marine is well known for a proven and uncompromising design and rigid structures in aluminum structures.Stormer Marine is well known for a proven and uncompromising design and rigid structures in aluminum structures.
Following two years of intensive research with the latest and greatest in the Marine industry we are proud to present you the first functional CO2 emission free passenger boat.
Multi-Purpose Ferry boat up to 55 guests, full elec. propulsion
Several Projects between 9 and 27 m in length - please contact us for further details.
Worldwide first modular houseboat concept that allows authentic and 365-days living on water with length from 12 to 22 m.
This house boat made from composites has been designed for long time stay on the water with a sustainable energy concept and a two-story layout. A roof terrace is included as well.
A little drought and well balanced cruising were the major requirements as well as a detailed layout from the yard. As a result you see a well detailed and compact house boat that surprises you.
This house boat has been developed as a cruising home and was designed for a project in Friesland (Netherlands) with length of 15, 18 and 21 meters. Additionally the boat should be offered with a bay house and a parcel of land.
A modular house boat concept which is only able to dive with a separate unit, additionally a floating terrace is available, all based on a platform with a new technology of material.
This yard built approximately 20,000 units up to know and starts its new flag ship – focusing on the high standard of quality as well as fresh ideas of iYacht.
Luxury High Speed Ferry for Abu Dhabi / UAE
Linskens defines the typical Dutch motor yachts in a modern and valuable way completely new.

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