Polar 55

Polar 55

POLAR 55 is afloat for her first time.

All systems have been extensively tested in the shipyard, the mast has been placed on deck and all rigging adjusted.

The review of the hydraulic keel as well as an extensive systems checkup were a major issue – how will the keel perform under load and are all the safety setups set correctly?

After the first day under sail, everything checked out and the shipyard had done a perfect job – everything fits!

Interior Design: Birgit Schnaase, Hamburg.

Picturs: Morten Strauch (IN), Ben Scheurer (EX)

Shipyard: Polar Shipyard
iYacht: Engineering
Material: GRP
Engine: 90 kW
Length: 16.54 m
Width: 4.68 m
Draft: 3.40 m

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