‚Build me a Dhoni‘. Ha, nothing simpler than that, great deal. 
‚But it must be electric and we have a problem: the transport is too expensive, so we need to build it in Maldives‘.
This sentence converted the almost done job into a challenge: A vessel for a resort that runs the whole day on batteries to be build on an island in the indian ocean? Impossible. Well, yes and no – read the next days how we solved it, how an amazing teamwork created the design, engineering, molds and delivered the first two boats build in a few months. Plus: Learn why electric has a future and #iYacht always has a solution ;)
Lesson 1: What is a DHONI about? It is a multi-purpose motor- or sailboat with a motor or lateen sails that is used in the Maldives. It is handcrafted and its use within the multi-island nation, a Dhoni resembles a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel.
The new version should carry 16 guests and comply with international safety standards. Easy to maintain and efficiant to manufacture. Ah, not to forget: 100% electric.
For the concept we got along with the client quickly: dimensions and initial design have been agreed so we started with the hull design; thinking of the solution how to build.
iYacht: Design & Engineering
Material: GRP
Engine: Electric
Length: 10,81 m
Width: 3,63 m
Draft: 0,63 m

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